How do I cancel or refuse a reservation?

When you receive a reservation request, you may accept or refuse it depending on the requirements. You are not obliged to accept the reservation request if you are not comfortable with the requirements. It is always advised to have a meet and greet to evaluate if the request is suitable for you before agreeing to accept it.

If you have already accepted a reservation request, cancellations are discouraged. If you would still like to proceed with the cancellation you are required to inform and make arrangements with the Service User at least 7 days in advance before confirming the cancellation with us.

Cancellations by pet sitters are very inconvenient for pet owners. On a platform like PetBacker, everything is decided by trust. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove pet sitters who are not reliable or to apply a fine or a penalty. For every cancellation, PetBacker reserves the right to verify the account of the pet sitter to see if there are grounds to suspend or remove them.

Our emphasis on reliability creates a community where all animal owners and pet sitters feel totally confident in engaging each other.

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