Pet Service Provider Incentive Program

As a token of appreciation to our beloved Backers who support PetBacker, we offer an incentive program to lower the service fees charged to you for requests that you are hired for. The reduction in transaction fees are implemented in levels based on the number of jobs you have completed. This incentive program is only applicable to Backers who offer their services exclusively on PetBacker.

Number of jobs Service Fee
0 - 5 25%
6 - 150 20%
151 - 300 19%
301 - 1000 18%
1001 - 2000 17%
2001 - 3000 16%
3001 onwards 15%

* The fees for broadcast jobs will default to 40% if it is discovered or reported that you are not exclusive to PetBacker. Private jobs will remain at the percentage you have previous achieved. From 1st January 2021 onwards, Pet Training services will remain with a fixed 35% service fees due to the high cost of advertising dog training and exempted from any incentive program.

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