What is Check In Form? Is it important?

Check In Form is to help backers to have an agreement upon checking-in for boarding. In the event of a dispute this form will help with the following:

1. Protect backers in the event of issues such as when a pet is declared as flea and tick free but discovered otherwise during the delivery of the service.

2. Proof that the backer's claim corresponds with the furry kids condition upon check in.

3. Supporting documents to support any disputes in the future.


What to do with this check in form?

1. Print out this Check In Form for pet owner to fill in

2. Check the furry kids carefully. Note any injuries or abnormality in the form in detail e.g. Scratches and blood scab on hind leg.

3. Have the pet owner sign the form as an agreement to check in the furry kids as mentioned in the form.

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