Does PetBacker offer insurance?

Yes, your pet is insured during the period of booking!

PetBacker has your backing with a free Insurance covering for all services booked through our site or mobile app! This means that you will benefit from ultimate peace of mind.

  • Care, Custody, Control – veterinary coverage for animals in pet sitters’ care: This section provides veterinary coverage for the Service User pets in the pet sitter’s care, custody or control. There is a USD$350 deductible for medical claims, to be covered by the pet owners. USD$1,000 capped limit for veterinary expenses in relation to an injury to your pet during the service. Once the full amount of money has been spent, the treatment of illness or injury won’t ever be covered again.
  • Errors and Omissions (aka Professional Liability) – covers accidental injury to the Service User pet: This section refers to accidental injury to a Service User pet in the sitter’s care. This type of insurance brings comfort to pet owners and sitters as, more often than not, any non-negligent harm arises where an animal in the sitter’s care has been accidentally harmed in the course of service delivery, through no specific fault of the sitter. Claims are subjected to a USD$350 excess payable by the pet sitter at the time of the claim with a USD$1,000 capped claims limit.
  • Public Liability Insurance (aka Commercial General Liability) – covers pet sitters against third party claims: This section will pay the sums that pet sitters become legally obliged to pay as damages because of bodily injury to a third party person or damage to property of a third party. Claims are subjected to 5% fees or USD$1,000 whichever is higher for each and every occurence is payable by the pet sitter at the time of the claim with a USD$4,000 capped claims limit.

For more information, please check Premium Protection Coverage.