How do I make a request for pet services?

You can make a request for pet services through our website or through our app. You will get a few quotes from different sitters or walkers for you to compare within minutes to hours. We always recommend using the app as its more fun and you can hear a woof or meow everytime you receive a notifcation.

From the web

Use the following links to submit a request for these services:

From the app

There are two ways you can get pet services on PetBacker's app

    Broadcasted requests: You just make a request from the "Get Pet Service" button and Select the service you need.

    make request 1

    Then answer a short questionnaire.

    make request 2

    Your request is then broadcast to all pet service providers that match the service requirements and location that you have requested.

    make request 3


    Direct request: Browse the pet service provider directory in the "Explore" tab in the app or on the web.

    make private request 1

    Tap on the pet service provider you are interested in, and you can make a request directly to that pet service provider.

    make private request 2

    make private request 3